4 Secrets to Raising a Life-Long Reader

4 Secrets to Raising a Life-Long Reader

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, it is often difficult to set aside time to just sit down with a book. However, it has been proven that children who enjoy reading have greater success in school, so fostering a love of reading in your child should be a priority.

Top Hat Childcare, a reputable preschool in Maryland, offers the following tips to make sharing and reading books a part of your daily routine.

  1. Choose Books that Your Child EnjoysThis may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of parents actually struggle with this. As a parent, you may want your children to read the books that you loved as a child or books that you believe to be good for their level. However, reading books should never be a chore for your child – it should be fun!As much as possible, allow your child to choose their own reading materials (as long as it is age-appropriate, of course). For instance, you may not be overly fond of comic books, but most children enjoy them! Also, while you may be a fan of non-fiction books, your child may be more interested in adventure-filled, fiction books. By allowing your child to choose their own reading materials, reading becomes more fun and interesting for them.
  2. Set an ExampleYou are your child’s first and most important teacher, so make sure to be a good role model. Set an example and read in front of your child. Watching you read books, newspapers, and magazines show your child that reading is important. The more your child sees you reading, be it for business or pleasure, it will encourage them to start reading too. Encourage your children to join you with their own book while you are reading.
  3. Keep Reading Materials in Your HomeProvide your child with easy access to books and other reading materials at home. This helps them understand that reading does not only happen at school – it can be done anywhere. Furthermore, it provides them with a wide variety of reading materials and genres to choose from. Let children choose what they want to read. Remember, the more interested children are in a subject, the more excited they will be to read!
  4. Talk about BooksReading does not have to stop once you put the book down. Talk to your children about books that you have read and books you think they might enjoy. Ask them about the book that they are currently reading and what they are learning from it. If your child has a favorite author, ask about their interest and help your child find more books by that same writer. For a more structured discussion, consider joining a parent/child book club. Not only will it help further your book discussions, but it can also be a great bonding experience too!

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