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How Music Enhances a Child’s Learning

How Music Enhances a Child’s Learning

Music is deeply ingrained in every person’s life. From our culture, environment, ethnicity, and even family upbringing, music is very much a part of us. But is music really instrumental in a child’s learning development? This is something we would like to shed light upon.

As a Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we also integrate music into our daily schedules. We believe that music has a great role to play in improving a child’s learning capacity just like one study that shows the cognitive difference between children who learned musical instruments and those who don’t. Children with musical lessons show evidence of acceleration of their brain development.

The following points are the observed impact of music to a child’s learning growth:

  • Improved Academic Achievement
    According to NAMM Foundation, children who have been trained to play a musical instrument show improved academic standing. In particular, their reading and language skills improved while their average SAT scores have also increased. For this reason, many parents and educators, such as in our Preschool in Maryland, integrate music in children’s daily activities.
  • Improves Infant Learning
    Many parents play up music to calm down their babies or put them to sleep. Yet, more than this, music and songs help improve their familiarity with words. Parents will notice that they can easily teach new words to their babies when they sing along with nursery rhymes. Even when bathing their babies, music can be used to teach a baby with words.
  • Improves Vocabulary Learning
    The independent stage of toddlers is also developed with good music. At this stage, toddlers already know how to dance along with the songs. Furthermore, their knowledge of words improves because of the repeated lyrics in the songs they hear every day. You can use the words they learn to help enhance your child’s conversational skills.
  • Learning of Numbers and Colors
    Many children also play along with nursery rhymes that teach numbers. Toddlers and preschoolers alike begin counting from 1-10 with the familiarity they have from the nursery songs they hear. Along with that, they also learn how to identify colors which are instrumental in developing their creative side.
  • BONUS: Enhances Social Skills
    Children find a fun way of expressing themselves with music. They can dance, play, and sing along together. Even babies learn how to clap along and sway their body along with the melody. Because of this, music provides an opportunity for children to enjoy each others’ company. When they also share the same musical interest, a deeper bond of friendship is also formed.

When it comes to your child’s overall learning growth, Top Hat Montessori is your partner. As a Montessori-based Daycare provider in Maryland, we have the right set of programs and learning environment that will nurture the overall learning capacity of your child. If you would like to inquire more about our programs, contact us today. We would love to answer questions for you.

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