The Importance of Learning Through Play

the-importance-of-learning-through-playThe value of play in children’s early development, especially in the preschool years, has long been recognized. It is a crucial aspect of healthy brain development since it helps children to engage in creativity while promoting their imagination and skills. It also seeks to develop their physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.

Here at TopHat Childcare, trusted day care in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we put our hearts into making learning fun for your little ones. In every program we employ, we make sure to incorporate the element of play in the process. That’s because it can lead to several benefits.

A few of these are:

  • Play Encourages Communication:
    Children communicate to give meaning to their play, whether it is during solo play, which often comprises self-talk and narrative, or play with a friend. This is how they can improve their speaking and language skills as well as their listening abilities.
  • Play Improves Cognitive Development:
    Experts say that children who engage in pretend play have more sophisticated levels of connection with others. Studies have also shown links between cognitive performance and pretend play.
  • Play Encourages Relationship Building:
    Play develops social abilities. Children who play with their parents and friends understand how relationships operate via their play experiences. As kids increase their involvement in play, the quantity and quality of friendships increase with it.

Allow your little ones to access all these and more with our Montessori School in Maryland! We offer an array of programs that parents can choose from. For further information, feel free to talk to us anytime!

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