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Parents’ Guide on Why Children Need to Eat Breakfast

Parents’ Guide on Why Children Need to Eat Breakfast

As the primary caretaker of children, parents are at the forefront of ensuring that their children are in the safe and best condition every day. From the food they eat and the clothes they wear to ensuring that they get a quality learning experience in a Preschool in Maryland, parents would want to know that their children will always have the best in life.

Does this describe you, mom and dad?

If so, then you know how crucial it is for your child to have breakfast every day. Often dubbed as the most important meal of the day, breakfast extends a lot of benefits to children, especially in their growing up years. In our Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we provide various learning activities that promote children’s independence and quality learning. The more engaged your children are, the better their learning growth will be. When they have been filled with a healthy breakfast, they can have an even more improved learning experience.

Consider the following reasons why breakfast is truly essential for children:

  • Energy Enhancement
    As the first meal of the day, breakfast revives the children’s energy, which has been put to rest for at least 12 hours while they were sleeping. During these hours, their body has also been working to improve their health and ensure normal development. When they wake up, they will be in need of more energy so they can accomplish many things. Breakfast can fill children with more energy so they can be more alert and focused especially with their learning tasks in school.
  • Prevents Irritability
    Have you noticed how irritable you can get when you’re hungry? It can also do the same thing to your child. When they are into the habit of eating breakfast, however, this negative behavior can be prevented. Now that your child is more energized, they can focus on their activities, they will have more strength, and they are less irritable.
  • Manages Weight
    Weight management can also be a real struggle for parents when their children have too much or too little of the ideal weight of their age. However, breakfast greatly improves children’s metabolism so that their digestion functions well. With breakfast, their metabolism will have a great start for the day, enabling the body to convert more calories into energy. Consequently, children can burn more fats and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Prevents Sugar Consumption
    When children don’t eat breakfast, they tend to be hungrier in the middle of the day and the craving for sweet foods increase. However, most of these foods contain high amounts of calories, which trigger being overweight. To prevent this urge, get your child to eat breakfast.

As a Daycare provider in Maryland, we also recognize that eating breakfast offers many health rewards to your children especially when they are at their learning stage. For this reason, our team at Top Hat Montessori encourages you to promote healthy eating at home so your child can also have quality learning in school.

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