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Encouraging Responsibility at Home


Every parent likes to raise a responsible child. Likewise, children would want to be responsible instead of feeling like a burden. Having the foundations of being responsible in their younger years also enables your child to handle responsibilities better as they reach adulthood. This is why responsibility is one of the traits we encourage in our day care in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Teaching and encouraging responsibility in your child entails support from the side of the parents. Children are not just born with the initiative to do housework and tasks after all. Here are some tips we recommend to the parents at our preschool:

  • Raise them with the expectation that we clean up our own messes.
    Instead of going with a punishment approach, take a positive approach to mistakes and spills. Let them know that spilling milk or making a mess is okay; we can clean it up. You can help them until they learn how to do it by themselves.
  • Allow them to contribute.
    Your child is more likely to take the initiative to help if you take notice of their contributions and comment on them. This can be simple activities such as putting napkins on the table or matching their socks.
  • Make the job fun
    No child wants to do chores. A great trick that helps is to be by their side when they are doing the task, turning it into a fun activity and complimenting them for a job well done.

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