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Confidence in Kids: How Can You Develop It?


Childhood is a wonderful time of development and learning. This is also a crucial time for kids. Certain beneficial qualities can be developed as a child. And parents have a major role in the development of these characteristics. One of these qualities is self-confidence. This can be even trained as early as preschool.


As a Montessori school in Maryland, we want to help parents learn how to develop self-confidence in their kids. Let’s look at several ways on how they can achieve this.

  • Letting Them Play Sports

    Playing sports is one of the best ways to develop self-confidence among children. Many sports are played in teams, which means your kids will have to play with other kids to attain a shared goal.


    This can be an empowering experience for kids as they try and contribute to the objectives of the team. With that, parents should try and encourage their kids to participate in sports. This can help them develop a sense of teamwork, which can then help develop their self-confidence.

  • House Chores

    Children love it when they contribute to a certain goal. This is why parents should try to let their kids help with household chores. This can help kids learn more about their abilities, which can feed their self-confidence and sense of independence.

  • Honest Feedback

    Of course, every parent needs to be honest with their children. They need to learn when to praise them and give them constructive criticism. They should also learn how to balance both types of feedback.

If you are looking for a good learning institution for your children, you can visit us here at Top Hat Montessori. We are a daycare in Gaithersburg, Maryland, that is dedicated to ensuring your child’s learning. Call us today!

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