How to Encourage Your Child to Eat Vegetables


We understand that many parents may find it difficult to let their children eat vegetables. It is not unusual for children to be picky eaters but it shouldn’t be encouraged as well.

As a leading early learning center, we always try to promote healthy eating habits in children. Allow us to help you with the best strategies to make your child eat their greens.

Be consistent in including vegetables in their meals. They can be used as the main dish or the side dish. Just continue to offer vegetables but don’t force your child to eat them. It won’t be pleasant for them and they will hate vegetables more. The goal is to make them interested in vegetables so that they’d eat them on their own.

Include your child in the preparation. Bring them grocery shopping so they can choose which vegetables they might like. Let them prepare meals with you as well. This gives them a little sense of control and can increase their interest in eating vegetables.

Don’t forget to serve a wide variety of vegetables. Make it fun. Turn the veggies into different sizes and shapes. Try to make their meals colorful and try out different sauces.

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