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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

The Importance of Learning Through Play

The value of play in children’s early development, especially in the preschool years, has long been recognized. It is a crucial aspect of healthy brain development since it helps children to engage in creativity while promoting their imagination and skills. It also seeks to develop their physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Here at TopHat Childcare, … Continue reading

How You Can Encourage a Montessori Home

Nowadays, children are exposed to a wealth of information at such a young age as the globe becomes more technologically equipped. However, technical developments alone will not help your child flourish. Their progress is also dependent on you. As a dependable Montessori school in Maryland, we’d like to provide some suggestions for enhancing your child’s … Continue reading

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Montessori Education for Early Learners

Our Montessori school is a prepared learning environment where children are free to choose from a wide range of fun learning activities. Educators in Top Hat Montessori are there to guide and facilitate the learning experience. They take the lead from the children in Montessori School in Maryland, ensure the ground rules are followed, and … Continue reading

How to Stimulate the Preschool Brain

Do you know what makes your kid in a preschool motivated? Preschoolers are drawn to two things: personal interests or a child’s favorite things, and situational interests which refer to activities that catch the child’s curiosity and desire to be involved. Thus, to support their brain development, preschool children need to be exposed to an … Continue reading

Montessori-Inspired Activities for Your Kids at Home

As a Montessori School in Maryland, we believe that children learn best when they work at their own level and pace coupled with the guidance from parents and teachers. This method of education helps stimulate your preschooler’s emotional, cognitive, physical, and social development. . If your child’s preschool is currently closed and you want to … Continue reading

How to Handle Your Temper with Kids

Being a parent is both an immense blessing and a huge responsibility. Our children bring us joy and worries – and it’s an emotional rollercoaster experience while they are growing. . Our kids have characteristics that are unique to them. Some kids are quiet and manageable, while others are loud and hyper. So, how do … Continue reading

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