Common Concerns in a Child Daycare Center


When it comes to a child day care center, several concerns may arise for parents, staff, and the owner. One concern pertains to safety and security measures. Given the nature of kids, accidents are bound to happen no matter the precautions. Falling objects, rusty metals in the playground, old playground equipment, and choking are hazards that still happen even with adult supervision.

Staff who don’t meet the qualifications or those who are poorly trained is a headache for parents, their coworkers, and the owner of day care in Maryland. Parents will naturally be concerned for their child’s safety and their quality of education. Having negligent and incompetent staff only tarnishes the reputation of the school. Appropriate training differs according to the age of a child. Toddlers require changing diapers while older ones only need assistance in going to the bathroom.

An unsanitary Montessori school is another common concern of parents. This problem poses a risk to everyone’s health which commonly leads to food poisoning and various communicable diseases, particularly respiratory ones. Aside from the school janitor, educators should also set an example to the kids on what are the appropriate hygiene practices. Frequent handwashing, covering the mouth and nose when sneezing, and wearing masks are some simple hygiene protocols that even kids can follow.

Other concerns involve the educator’s ability to communicate with parents and the owner adhering to state and local regulations. In addition, an owner of a preschool in Gaithersburg, Maryland such as TopHat Childcare constantly faces several other challenges with childcare paperwork and administrative work.

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