Tips on Improving Children’s Concentration Power

two children playing with scores

Focus, listen, finish – tasks which children may find toiling. While attention span differs by age, at their early years, children are built for action and not for sitting still, which is why you are likely to see them more distracted than focused, especially when they find things boring. They are differently hardwired from adults who finish their tasks whether they like it or not. Aside from that, gadget dependence has also reduced children’s concentration and memory power. However, a Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland believes that concentration is an ability which children are yet to acquire.

As a daycare provider in Maryland, we provide some surefire ways to increase your children’s attention level and concentration power in the following:

  • Play focus games & exercises to build attention
    For children, playing is serious learning. Rid off of gadgets and have them play regular toys and focus-exercising activities. Get them to play thinking games, sequencing, or simply challenging them to just sit without moving or fidgeting and see how long they can do it.
  • Prepare a distraction-free environment
    Understand which kind of environment your children prefer to study in. Some children respond well in a soothing and calming environment while others thrive more where there are lots of hustle-bustles. A Preschool in Maryland can provide your children with learning-conducive surroundings.
  • Understand your children’s method of learning
    Are they visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners? All children learn in different ways. Some understand better when they see, hear, or do something. Make sure to understand which category your child falls under.

When it comes to your children’s growth, only the best school will do. Enroll them at Top Hat Montessori for their holistic development.

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