Strategies to Encourage Early Literacy in Children


Early literacy is what young children know about writing and reading before they learn how to write and read. It provides an essential foundation for listening, reading, writing, speaking, and interpersonal communication that is necessary for child development. In addition to early childhood education, parents play a key role in developing early literacy skills. Likewise, we will share tips on how to encourage early literacy in your child:

  • Talking and singing activities.
    Talking and singing nursery rhymes are often performed in day care in Maryland as they help young children develop their listening and speaking skills. Hence, use rhyme whenever you can, make up rhymes about activities you are doing, and talk about the objects around the house.
  • Reading and book-based activities.
    Reading is done in preschool in Gaithersburg, Maryland as it develops children’s vocabulary and ability to connect words and sounds. Pick out books with rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Try pop-up story books or touch-and-feel books to make the activity more interactive. Read and point out certain words to guide your child’s eyes from left to right across the page.
  • Arts and writing literacy activities.
    Doodling and scribbling help children develop their fine motor skills for writing later in childhood and are crucial components of early childhood development. Encourage your child to draw or scribble at home. You can help them try to write their name or some letters on their artwork. You can also use clay to make letters or numbers or form words together using magnetic letters that stick on the fridge.

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