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Montessori-Inspired Activities for Your Kids at Home


As a Montessori School in Maryland, we believe that children learn best when they work at their own level and pace coupled with the guidance from parents and teachers. This method of education helps stimulate your preschooler’s emotional, cognitive, physical, and social development.


If your child’s preschool is currently closed and you want to start implementing this type of philosophy at home, then getting him or her engaged in Montessori-inspired activities is a smart move. Here are some easy and explorative tasks you can do with your child.

  • Practical Life
    These activities include a variety of washing and water pouring choices. Your kids learn crucial lessons about sinking, floating, measuring, and cleaning. Dressing frames help them learn to dress and undress themselves, practicing buttons, buckles, zippers, velcro, and snaps.
  • Language
    Toddlers’ vocabulary develops between 18 months and 3 years. Your young ones begin to recognize sounds and rhymes — skills that will help them to read later. Activities like story writing, commands, rhyming games, nursery rhymes, and storytelling can be a great avenue to stimulate their language skills.
  • Math
    You can let your kids engage in sorting, arranging, and number cards to practice counting and expose them to numbers to build their early math skills.
  • Sensorial
    You can introduce shapes and colors, as well as sounds, textures, sizes and temperatures, to stimulate your child’s senses and label their experiences. Some sensorial activities you can do with your kids include smelling bottles, sound matching, and more.

Enrolling your child in a provider of Montessori Day Care in Gaithersburg, Maryland, can help them prepare for advanced learning and acquire skills needed to become future-ready.

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