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How to Teach Your Child Obedience


As your child grows up, the more it gets harder to manage their actions. Most especially in their preschool days, kids start to be very active and get things their way. You might have a hard time having your kid follow your rules. As a day care in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we draw up the following tips for you, parents, on how you can train your child obedience:

  • Be clear
    Rather than merely asking your child to do something, you have to expressly state the rules and explain their importance. Be sure to give direct and understandable statements that your child can easily remember.
  • Employ discipline when necessary
    Part of the process is employing discipline. However, reprimanding your child should be reasonable and done gently. This way, your child will more likely realize the mistake and will thus produce obedience.
  • Let them learn through games
    Playing games engages your kid and makes learning much more fun. In your family bonding, you can try out the games like Green Light, Red Light, or Simon Says. You can even give rewards to encourage them to participate and do their best.

As a Montessori school in Maryland, Top Hat Montessori is with you, dear parents, in taking on the challenge of raising your children with the values and skills for their future. To know more about our programs, you can visit our website at http://www.tophatchildcare.com/ or call us at 240-813-0713.

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