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How to Manage Separation Anxiety in Children


Leaving your child during their first day in preschool is challenging. Tantrums and a lot of crying will inevitably happen. It is certainly not easy to see your child cry their heart out as you leave them.

Separation anxiety is more tasking to deal with children since they still don’t understand the idea. It is a lot to handle, but don’t worry, our Montessori school in Maryland is here to help you.

School season is about to start, and your child is about to enter our daycare in Gaithersburg, Maryland. To make their first day in our school go smoothly, practice the following tips:

  • While there is still time, start making them understand the concept of school. Instill in them that they will be okay for the short period that they will be away. Also, develop a goodbye ritual between you and your child.
  • Tell them that you leave them for the meantime and that you will be back to fetch them after school.
  • When they start to have tantrums, let go and don’t give in to the drama. Avoid stalling to ensure that there is consistency. They must practice this for a big school.

As a parent, keep your faith and trust your child. All the crying will only happen during the first few days of school. Along the way, they will get used to the idea of going to school. Just don’t let their excitement fade out.

Enroll your child in Top Hat Montessori now. To learn more about us, check out the details of the programs we provide here on our website. For further information and inquiries, call us or, you can chat with us.

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