How to Handle Your Temper with Kids


Being a parent is both an immense blessing and a huge responsibility. Our children bring us joy and worries – and it’s an emotional rollercoaster experience while they are growing.


Our kids have characteristics that are unique to them. Some kids are quiet and manageable, while others are loud and hyper. So, how do you control your temperament with Preschool kids?

When kids push your buttons and you can’t seem to get control, remember these tips from your friendly Day Care in Gaithersburg, Maryland:

  • Inhale and exhale.
    Surprisingly, this still works wonders when trying to calm yourself down. This time, try to do this with your child. Make it seem like a game, then start talking with your tot calmly.
  • Try to put on music.
    When you know you are starting to get upset with your child’s tantrums, try to play your favorite dance music and groove to the beat. You can also encourage your child to dance with you. This conditioning can also help resolve their tantrum.
  • Move away from your child when you are angry.
    Go to a room or inside the car for a few minutes, away from your child, so you will not attempt to scream at him or touch him violently.

Top Hat Childcare promotes children’s welfare academically and emotionally. We believe that with proper guidance, they will grow happy and well-mannered.

Enroll them now at our School in Maryland and see them progress!

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