How a Mixed-Age Learning Environment Benefits Children

How a Mixed-Age Learning Environment Benefits Children

Our primary classes at Top Hat Childcare are in mixed-age classrooms. As soon as children turn three years old, they can already start attending these classes. They will stay in this program for three years and when they leave, they are well-prepared for the elementary years.

As a Preschool in Maryland, we have seen how effective mixed-aged learning environment is for children. We encourage you to consider enrolling your child in this exposure to also reap the benefits of school readiness.

Consider the following benefits of mixed-age learning:

  • Learning at Their Own Lead
    Children in a program are given their own time and resources to learn on their own. They don’t adhere to strict programs that may be too much for their age. The programs and activities we provide for them are already time-tested. Children get to select the activities prepared for them and finish these at their own pace. In other words, the programs are customized to the child’s learning progress. With this environment, children are able to see learning as fun and enjoyable.
  • Focused Learning
    The children in our mixed-age classes are also fitted with the right teacher-student ratio. This means that the number of teachers inside is just sufficient to supervise the students they have so that the learners will have proper learning. In this manner, the children can focus on their learning activities. They have teachers who will see to it that their learning experiences and questions are attended to.
  • Developed Social Skills
    Children are naturally sociable. However, in our School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, they get to have an opportunity to nurture these skills on a deeper level. Since they will be staying with most of these children in three years, they learn to develop friendship with each other. As a result, their social skills are developed. The older children learn to set themselves as examples while the younger ones learn to obey and follow their lead.
  • Increased Independence
    In a mixed-age setting, children are given the opportunity to explore by themselves. With supervision from their teachers, the children decide on the activities they wish to accomplish. With this freedom, children feel confident about the things they choose in the classroom. As a result, their sense of independence is even more enhanced.

Are you curious about how mixed-age classes can provide further overall learning benefits to your child? Would you like to personally inquire from our administrators so that your concerns are satisfied? Are you looking for a Daycare provider in Maryland that can meet your child’s holistic learning needs? Set an appointment with us at Top Hat Childcare. We will be glad to entertain your inquiries. You can also contact us directly through our online information.

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