A School for Kids That You Can Trust


Education is the backbone of every person’s success. It molds individuals to be beacons of hope. But did you know that education is more than knowledge acquisition? It also paves the way for a better, brighter future, making it an investment.

Are you on the hunt for a day care in Maryland that provides quality education for youngsters? Well, look no further because TopHat Childcare is here for you and your child.

Here at our Montessori school, we take pride in our programs as they utilize experiences to be a foundation of learning. We also make use of fun yet intellectually-stimulating activities that encourage creativity, promote brain and body development, and expand a child’s thinking beyond basic knowledge.

We also prioritize safety, which is why we see to it that our facilities and classrooms are absolutely safe and children-proof. Our preschool teachers are also highly skilled, compassionate, and not to mention experienced in handling children, so with us, rest assured that your child is in safe yet capable hands.

Support your child’s growth and development by enrolling them at the trusted preschool in Gaithersburg, Maryland today! We offer a wide array of programs that can cater to a child’s every stage of development!

On top of that, we even offer childcare and summer camp!

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