Our Infant program in our School in Gaithersburg, Maryland serves children 6 weeks through – 17 months of age. As children reach the age of 18 months, they are transitioned into the Toddler program; the exact timing depends on space availability and the individual child’s developmental progress. The student: teacher ratio in our Infant program is 3:1.

We provide an environment that encourages each infant to learn and develop at their own pace. Children learn so much during these first months, it can be a challenge to keep up with them. Our specially-trained teachers provide appropriate stimulation for each child so they can exercise recently acquired skills and learn new ones.

Working closely with families we establish a daily routine that closely matches what each child is accustomed to. Daily written reports keep parents informed on eating, diaper, and sleeping habits. As your child grows, the teachers will work with you to adjust schedules and routines to fit their new needs. Infants play with a variety of materials to stimulate the development of reaching and grasping, crawling, standing, climbing, and walking.

We invite you to come to visit the school at one of our Open House events or contact us online today!