Childcare in Gaithersburg, Maryland

At TopHat Childcare children’s safety is the utmost priority and OCC, MDOH, AND CDC GUIDELINES are strictly FOLLOWED FOR THE HEALTH AND SAFETY for children and staff to allow in-person learning during Pandemic times! All of our staff are vaccinated. 

  • Children 2-5 years old need to quarantine for 5 days, and may return after if they can mask for an additional 5 days.
  • Children 2 or younger, or any children who can not mask under the age of 5 must quarantine for 10 days.

A full copy of our complete COVID Policies and Procedures is available to our parents and those enrolling.

  • Staff are required to take COVID Test every 2 months and are restricted from traveling until the situation turns normal
  • Staff are required to take the temperature every day in the front office and record it by the center director before they enter the classroom
  • Security Cameras installed in every classroom and front office and constantly monitored by the center director and the owners to make sure health regulations are followed by the staff
  • Parents entry and exit are restricted by security codes to the front office area with strict guidelines followed and monitored
  • Our classrooms are over 1000 sq. feet and feature high ceilings, maximum natural sunlight, and feature numerous windows that can open safely and easily for fresh air.
  • All of our classrooms have large air purifiers and filters are constantly inspected and changed as required.
  • All children have direct access from their classroom to outdoor areas, with nature and fresh air connected to every classroom.
  • All Classrooms, toys, and restrooms are sanitized on a daily basis after every session
  • Both infant and primary kid playgrounds are cleaned on a regular basis
  • Every child has a personal space for their own belongings
  • Every classroom has its own sinks for routine hand-washing.
  • Easy access to classroom bathrooms, water, supplies, etc.
  • All children have direct access from their classroom to outdoor areas, with nature and fresh air connected to every classroom
  • Furniture is all movable and classroom design allows for optimal arrangements
  • Two playgrounds for playing according to the age group that can be easily disinfected after use.
  • Playground safety is a top priority, and closed-toe shoes are worn by all children and faculty throughout the School, maintaining the highest of safety standards.

THM is committed, as always, to providing a safe AND joyful learning environment. We are confident we will continue to be one of the safest school environments available to children. If you’re a parent interested in touring our school or enrolling your child at TopHat Childcare, we have limited spaces available. Schedule a private tour Monday-Friday at 10:00 a.m. using our easy online form.